Las Vegas, Nv

Outfit: Diamonds, feathers, and her favorite bracelet = SHOWGIRL

Vegas, the one place you can be and do anything you want! I'm confident Polly would have loved Vegas as much as I do.  Wild nights spent gambling, drinking, and dancing till the wee hours of the morning.  A place where you can make memories--or drink enough to forget them. 

And from what Polly told me, she loved to own the dance floor. She once described visiting the officers clubs (special military bar) in her heyday, where her moves were often considered too "scandalous and provocative," and would lead to her being kicked out, as the "other women were just jealous of the attention." On one occasion, after being dismissed from the bar, she decorated a well-known officer's car with condom balloons. A jail-able offense in that era. Hats off to you, Polly! 

Not to worry, because a sizzling gal and her vivacious moves cannot be stopped. Polly found an alternative to the "stiff and boring" officers bar: underground gay clubs! This was more her style, where could be a free spirit without any judgement. I imagine that a modern day gay club would be quite an experience for Polly, but I could totally see her pushing her way onto a box and dancing until the lights turned on..

To say the least, Vegas delivered that weekend. But as they say: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Even a piece of Polly. 

(Photo & Post: Cody Butler)